• If you have tested positive in last 10 days or had symptoms within 24 hours of your appointment, call/email to reschedule.​
  • A brief health survey will be taken over the phone with further instructions on when to enter our studio.  Please enjoy your car as your waiting area. Leave all garbage & drinks in your car.
  • Upon entering, use hand sanitizer. 
  • Masks are to be worn at all times (exception for seniors only in changing rooms & during photography session). Any person with the senior & employees wear masks at all times.
  • Maintain 6' distance at all times.
  • Signs throughout our studio with further hand sanitizing & washing reminders.
  • Toilets are for employees only.

Clothing Change & Additional Backgrounds

Add to Standard Session:  Clothing Changes can include cap & gown (provided), black drape (provided), athletic uniform, casual or formal outfit, props...bring your own!  Additional 6-8 poses per change on various backdrops including our new wood slate!  Pets allowed by special appointment time only.  

Pre-Session Details


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COVID Safety Precautions

SMILE!  Your parent can take a portrait with you!


Standard Session (in studio & on site)

  1. Yearbook attire (tuxedo, black drape or gown dependent upon school's choice)
  2. Includes one clothing change (see below) & one outdoor setting.
  3. Selection from up to 12-15 poses 
  4. Online proofs & ordering
  5. Selection of yearbook pose (retouched, sized & formatted for yearbook)

Yearbook Session (in studio)

  1. Yearbook attire (tuxedo, black drape or gown dependent on school)
  2. Yearbook background
  3. Selection from 2-3 poses
  4. Online proofs & ordering
  5. Selection of pose for yearbook use (retouched, sized, formatted & submitted to yearbook)

Senior sessions are scheduled as a Standard Session unless otherwise pre-arranged. Please enjoy your car as your waiting area.  Call us when you arrive 15 minutes early to check in & make contactless payment by phone.

We allow the senior and one additional person per appointment.  Thank you for leaving other children & family at home.

Girls:  must bring a strapless top (to accommodate gown or drape).

Boys:  must bring a white dress shirt & tie for cap & gown pose if desire. 

All yearbook attire is provided & sanitized after use at our discretion. 

​An email will follow your session with steps on how to view & order your portraits...including how to choose your yearbook pose.

Full Outdoor Session (on site)

Add to Standard Session

  1. Natural, outdoor setting
  2. Multiple on-site locations
  3. Additional 8-10 poses
  4. Session available if time permits or by special appointment.